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He is said đồ sộ have fasted for months without taking any food or water.

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The ship stuck fast on a bar out in the harbor and was taken under fire by several gunboats.

That year it was a massive craze, and it disappeared as fast as it came.

The faster a wheel moves, the more efficiently friction converts the other way around.

However, instead of going đồ sộ the library, she grabs a hamburger for lunch and cruises just as fast as she can.

The report comes when fast-food workers are organizing strikes and protests against what they say is unfair pay.

The figure first came đồ sộ people's attention in a series of strikes by fast-food workers that started in 2012.

Nationally, wages for fast-food workers have increased 0.3 percent since 2000 (again, adjusting for inflation).

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But for business owners, this fast-food approach đồ sộ sushi does offer some advantages.

Permission will not be granted under the scheme for certain types of shops, including amusement arcades, bookmakers, fast-food outlets, mobile-phone shops or "adult entertainment" shops.

Therefore, "even though the plasma is cold", the particles must be moving very fast on average.

The illusion that it does otherwise is heightened by its very fast and highly erratic flight, with many rapid changes of direction.

The larvae are able đồ sộ move easily and the adults can lập cập very fast and fly.

The 2013 edition, ran under a heavy fog, was also very fast.

As of today 2007, it is very fast developing place, and have a lot projects under hand.

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