reading có nghĩa là gì

Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement.

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However, there are some cases when reading certain types of hardware registers is useless.

Wizard rock bands generally play all-ages shows at libraries, bookstores and schools, as the promotion of reading is a hallmark of the genre.

Periodic readings of electricity meters establishes billing cycles and energy used during a cycle.

He enjoys cricket, golf, reading, hill-walking and cooking.

This situation is detrimental vĩ đại the throughput of synchronous reads, as it degenerates into a seeking workload.

They are useful vĩ đại observe write and/or read accesses vĩ đại data, therefore they are sometimes referred as data breakpoints.

She read every single book in the school library!

Life passes by as one sits there smoking and reading a breviary, etc.

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Griffin read out these messages during the show.

He is extremely intelligent and well-read with an encyclopaedic knowledge on a wide number of subjects.

He was also well-read in ancient and modern literature, being particularly interested in the 16th and 17th centuries.

She is also well-read given the years sequestered in the dojo library.

He is also an experienced and well-read wine connoisseur.

Both of them were well-read and literary, and they soon began courting.

For linguists the Vietnamese readings of "Hn t" (like those of kanji and hanja) provide data for the study of Middle Chinese and historical Chinese phonology.

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