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Two survey categories were underspecified for our purposes, and we used socioeconomic data đồ sộ kiểm tra the validity of our classifications.

Thus, he concludes that classifications of verbs based on theta-roles are misconceived.

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In fact, these industry classifications are very broad and the relevant conditions of interest could occur at a finer level of disaggregation, or across industries.

In addition, traditional classifications based on morphological characters bởi not necessarily represent the phylogeny of filarial nematodes.

If both the highly suitable and suitable classifications are selected, a crop list will be provided showing all highly suitable and suitable crops.

Comparisons of functions could be based on suggested classifications of functions.

Given the categorical nature of these classifications, they were assigned dummy weightings and analyzed with point-biserial correlations.

Associations with the four group classifications were examined by cross tabulation and tested for significance by chi-square.

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To lend empirical tư vấn for the viability of the classifications, we assessed correlations of the classifications with word classes.

As applied here, the observed variables are the classifications assigned by the judges.

We can see that all tables show evidence of confusion among the classifications.

We find here the introduction of artificial intelligence, and the attempt đồ sộ create meaningful classifications of sound which would aid the principles of synthesis.

Such classifications of knowledge came into existence with a view đồ sộ how they would fit with bureaucracies.

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On the other hand, when an institution fails đồ sộ make correct or appropriate classifications, the very legitimacy of the institution is at stake.

Allowing for multiple-race responses requires new thinking about the very purposes of racial classifications in the first place.

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