lý lịch tiếng anh là gì

She has published three collections of verse and a novel, as well as editing a biography and compiling a collection of satirical epitaphs.

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It features audio clips, biographies, and definitions of common terms.

The disc also included digital artwork, biographies, and character voice acting excerpts when explored on a personal computer.

To prepare a case for canonisation her biography was compiled.

According lớn his biography and numerous articles, he was also caught up in a trang web of political and professional intrigue with competitors and detractors.

Bhutan improved access lớn credit information by passing regulations that govern the licensing and operation of its credit bureau.

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When they finally get listed at a credit bureau for non-payment, it is too late.

We have removed the customer's details from the credit bureau and have cancelled the contracts.

It was around this time that the credit bureau of information started getting perfected, he said.

Call the credit bureau with specifics of the disputed information on the report and lodge a formal complaint.

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