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Literally translated, it means spoken words fly away, written words remain.

The protagonist literally becomes a tree, producing flowers without number over and over again, as the occasion requires.

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When in flight, a luckdragon is in constant motion and literally swims through the air.

The kanji used literally mean pouring from the peak, which poetically describes the process of passing on the master's teachings vĩ đại the student.

Proprioceptors are another type of mechanoreceptors which literally means receptors for self.

For this example, the in and out flows will be 10 liters per second.

It is able vĩ đại pump water vĩ đại an elevation of 2.5 meters at 12 liters per minute by pedaling at normal running tốc độ.

The average concentration was approximately 63 nanograms per liter.

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These three factories were capable of producing 45.6 million of liters per year.

The water contains about 250 grams of dissolved salts per liter at the surface and reaches the saturation point at 110 meters.

These techniques are most effective when the teacher is digitally literate as well.

Their goal is vĩ đại create information literate societies by creating and maintaining educational policies for information literacy.

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Out of the total population 2821 people were literate.

The son of a poor farmer, he received little formal education but was nevertheless literate and learned several trades, including weaving.

Out of the total population 399 people were literate.