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Guests are able đồ sộ feed the birds under staff supervision.

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Though he seems đồ sộ have practised under the supervision of a senior doctor until 1802, he then established himself independently as a general practitioner.

Only the large national universities can guarantee high-quality education, while private schools require special supervision.

Students manage everything: reporting, layout, design, editing, and final production, under the supervision of the journalism teacher.

Extracurricular activities are educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum but under the supervision of the school.

In addition đồ sộ ordinary police work he was instrumental in the establishment of a national surveillance organization.

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In addition đồ sộ this, the radar is also capable of identifying friends or foes, and has a sea surveillance mode.

This is a useful gauge because in an actual driving situation drivers must divide their attention between a tracking task and surveillance of the environment.

It also contained provisions on training in the area, medical surveillance, and health and safety services.

The series features surveillance footage, news reports and dramatic reenactments of particularly foolish criminal behavior.

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