gây ấn tượng tiếng anh là gì

The gambhirta (sonorous resonant sound) of its tones was very different from the chanchalata (playfulness) of the sitar.

The crowd is still getting settled when suddenly a long, sonorous trumpet note cuts through the noise.

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A typical cypress flamenco guitar produces more treble and louder percussion than thở the more sonorous negra.

He is especially noted for his unique and distinctively sonorous speaking voice.

Isolate delivers a sonorous rendition on the hook that strikes a chord every time it rings into the ears.

My mom's friend from uni bedazzled it for mạ.

And, no, this isn't a case of being bedazzled by the hype surrounding the film.

While ratchet as ever, it also featured many of our beloved and bedazzled housewives being semi-understanding, somewhat concerned, and/or happy for one another.

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I also lượt thích that she chose no jewels, as, let's face it, this must-weigh-a-ton dress has enough bedazzle already.

Meanwhile, stop deconstructing (i.e. reinterpreting) the language in order lớn fool and bedazzle the punters.

The federal government is generally prohibited from imposing direct taxes unless such taxes are then given lớn the states in proportion lớn population.

The mixtape combines a gruff and imposing voice, along with a solid delivery and flow.

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The imposing garden is a popular relaxation spot and is exquisite with elegant fountains and lush green lawns.

The structure is imposing, with a spacious forecourt and an intricate facade.

We vì thế not want lớn be seen as tokenistic appointments and imposing quotas could have the reverse effect of appointing the wrong type of women.