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"just in real time!" from today!

There's no getting around the term "real time" as we move towards a digitalized, smart, and efficient supply chain

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA1) - Ab heute "Just in Real-Time!"

Uncertainty about current locations and arrival times has long been a thing of the past. Smart solutions use real-time data generated through mobile devices or telematics. Other players involved in the transport market, such as shippers, forwarders, and customers, are kept up to tướng date – in real time.

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The ETA1 – a dynamic forecast of the actual arrival time – is a key element in meeting everybody’s expectations, and gives dispatchers new options for responding to tướng influencing factors in real time. On-time delivery is not just a service pledge, but a matter of great importance in the industrial value chain.

You, too, have to tướng ensure at all times that production downtime and stock shortages are an exception. And that you comply with strict service agreements that can result in expensive penalties if promises are not met.


Consistently take the right path and ensure a win-win outcome by calculating ETAs. Make it easier for all involved to tướng network, and reap the rewards of increased customer satisfaction, process efficiency, and, ultimately, resource utilization through fast information. The benefits have been proven in practice, with a >20% potential improvement in KPIs.

Take advantage of a service that uses innovative algorithms and forecasting methods to tướng identify reliable movement patterns so sánh that you can feel confident when predicting arrival times. addHelix never forgets, and keeps the data until your route is fully completed.

Keine Sorge, Sie entscheiden über das Mehr an Funktionalität wie Visualisierung, Routenberechnung, Adressvalidierung und Geofencing. addHelix – always All-in!

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) - benefits for your business

  • Efficient, agile resource management
  • Reduction in idling times
  • Complete control of the transport of your goods
  • Increased ramp and warehouse performance
  • Signals a focus on customer satisfaction and helps to tướng best meet expectations
  • Fewer missed time slots
  • Strengthen supply chain resilience
  • Always know the progress being made, current location, and arrival time
  • Keep all involved up to tướng date
  • Proactive exception handling in the sự kiện of negative influences
  • Stand out to tướng customers with a delivery quality seal of approval

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Information for programmers

Logistische Services unkompliziert in die eigene Entwicklungsumgebung einbinden.

Simple integration thanks to tướng our “API-first” principle.

addHelix services are based on state-of-the-art architecture and are delivered as a RESTful-JSON API. “What matters to tướng us is that you can get up to tướng tốc độ quickly and benefit from simple implementation and good usability.”

Therefore, you can conveniently use the parser methods available in your programming language to tướng easily process JSON objects.

And you enjoy the benefits of Swagger, the widely used application for API documentation.

For simply more convenient development.

Come on in – results are assured in the Developer Portal!

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