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expand_more Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations on your Gold Wedding Anniversary!

Ví dụ về kiểu cách dùng

Các chúng ta vẫn định ngày mang đến đám cưới chưa?

Congratulations on your engagement. Have you decided upon big day yet?

Chúc mừng kỉ niệm ngày cưới!

…years and still going strong. Have a great Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới Đồng/Sứ!

Congratulations on your Porcelain Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới Kim cương!

Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới Ngọc trai!

Congratulations on your Pearl Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới San hô!

Congratulations on your Coral Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới Bạc!

Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới Ruby!

Congratulations on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng đám cưới Vàng!

Congratulations on your Gold Wedding Anniversary!

Chúc mừng kỉ niệm... năm ngày cưới!

Chúc mừng kỉ niệm ngày cưới!

Dự con kiến đám cưới của nhị con cháu tiếp tục ra mắt vô mon Tám.

Mr and Mrs...of ..., announce the engagement of their daughter, ..., đồ sộ ..., son of Mr and Mrs..., (also) of… . An August wedding is planned.

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

This is important when the women are ready đồ sộ get married.

In fact, the most common ages for girls đồ sộ get married are 15 and 16.

Neither of her parents thinks she is going đồ sộ get married.

The service normally lasts for approximately a year before the man and woman can get married.

They have no money, but someday they wan mãng cầu get married in a big church and have a gold earring and new boots.

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She could tie a knot, gut a fish, start a fire.

Pull the ends of the back and secure by tying a knot.

Five pairs of reading glasses because it's virtually impossible for má đồ sộ tie a knot these days.

Tying a knot in a button up is a fast way đồ sộ transform it into a crop top.

He peers down into the darkness đồ sộ gauge the depth of the river, ties a knot in the handles of the plastic bag and lets it drop into the water.

They simply have đồ sộ choose a bridal gown they lượt thích, from the company trang web and then make an appointment with a local consultant.

Listen đồ sộ your heart closely and avoid distractions when choosing a bridal gown or a wedding suit.

A bridal gown inspired by a wedding that lasted just 72 days is hardly a great omen.

Because their income is limited, church members paid for the bridal gown, venue and catering.

She could not believe that the fabric had been sewn into an elegant bridal gown.

Goody's coffin was white, and she was buried wearing her wedding dress and with two pictures, one of each of her sons, by her side.

She drives into town and stops at a local church where she buys a used wedding dress.

Then she is dressed up in traditional wedding dress with red sari and heavy gold jewelry as if it were an actual wedding.

Towards the beginning of the Clip, a wedding dress and flowers are in her house that would usually be seen at a funeral.

She kept the engagement ring and the wedding dress.

From one wedding gown, đôi mươi little gowns of various sizes from wraps for micro-preemie babies đồ sộ gowns for full-term ones can be made.

She remembered how they got involved during an incident when the bride's wedding gown didn't arrive and the family had đồ sộ rent a dress.

Apart from a glamorous wedding gown, a wedding is not a wedding if the decor does not stand out.

A special exhibit surrounding a replica of her iconic wedding gown will also be included.

I consider the store đồ sộ be a bit of a gallery for dresses rather kêu ca a wedding gown cửa hàng.

Some friends said they believed the couple might remarry.

Within two years, his father (my grandfather) had remarried.

Remarried 15 years later đồ sộ a great non abusive guy.

I am not the type of woman who wishes đồ sộ remarry.

Different religious schools have chalked out different time periods for a half widow đồ sộ wait for remarrying.

Then he forged a better iron core and redid the wiring, using silk from his wife's wedding gown.

The main times when a man puts art on the toàn thân is when they put henna on their hands only for a wedding.

Despite this, it was also common đồ sộ include a decorated bundle of broom at weddings.

The 153-acre estate is now a wedding and conference center.

It can also be hired out for weddings and other events.

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