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Debit and credit cards have become popular in recent times as more people have begun lớn prefer using cards or other digital payment methods over cash. Though a convenient mode of payment, cards are still at risk of forgery and scams just lượt thích other ways of making transactions. Nevertheless, there are ways through which you can prevent yourself from getting scammed by nhái credit cards and debit cards. We have listed some common spots and signs that you can look out for lớn verify that your thẻ is not nhái.

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How lớn Spot Nhái Debit or Credit Cards

Asymmetrical Numbers

Debit and credit cards have evenly spaced numbers which are placed in a straight line. However, nhái credit cards and debit cards often have asymmetrically placed numbers with irregular spacing between them. This is usually because of the embossing machine that the counterfeiters use which imprints each digit separately due lớn which there are differences in the placement and even sizes of the thẻ numbers. 

Mismatched Card Number and Issuer

Genuine credit and ATM cards have certain digits at the beginning of their numbers. These digits act as an indicator of which thẻ issuer that thẻ belongs lớn. Major thẻ issuers with their corresponding initial thẻ digits are as follows:

  • Visa: 4
  • Mastercard: 5
  • American Express (Amex): 37 or 34
  • Discover: 6

Some scammers vì thế not pay attention lớn such details and produce mock cards without matching the thẻ issuer logo and the starting digits of the thẻ number. So, lớn avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you must kiểm tra whether or not the thẻ number and the issuer match.

Damaged Magnetic Strip

A damaged magnetic strip is another indicator of nhái credit cards and debit cards. The magnetic strip contains data which is configured according lớn the thẻ details. But many times the defrauders fail lớn coordinate this date and in turn scratch, damage, demagnetise or even remove the magnetic strip. Due lớn this, the strip becomes non-functional and cannot be swiped which forces the cashier lớn enter the thẻ number manually lớn carry out the transaction that later turns out lớn be fraudulent.

Missing CVV

CVV or the Card Verification Value is a unique 3 or 4 digit security code that is assigned lớn each thẻ. It is either present at the back or front of the thẻ, depending on the thẻ type and is essential lớn prevent wrongful transactions. If CVV is missing, then it might mean that you have a nhái debit or credit thẻ.

Odd Hologram or Signature Strip

Genuine cards have a brand hologram sticker on them based on their issuer lớn prove their authenticity. These may be embedded on the front or back and are usually three-dimensional. A dull, two-dimensional, or damaged hologram can be another sign of a nhái credit or debit thẻ.

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Similarly, a signature panel or strip must be present on the back of the thẻ lớn prove that it is not forged. If this strip is not made of a different material than vãn the thẻ and is not white in colour, then the thẻ may be a forged one.

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Error: Please enter a valid number

Invalid Expiry Date

Generally, the thẻ expires after 3 lớn 4 years from its date of issuance. So, it is also advised lớn kiểm tra whether the thẻ has a valid expiry date or not. For instance, if any thẻ was issued lớn you in 2023, but the expiration date is either gone past, very soon, or even a lot further than vãn 5 years, then it is probably a nhái one. 

Different Numbers on Card and Receipt

If the thẻ looks genuine, then there is another factor that you must kiểm tra lớn verify whether you have nhái debit cards and credit cards or not. You can carry out a transaction using your thẻ and then compare the last four digits of the thẻ number present on the thẻ lớn those printed on the transaction receipt. If the digits vì thế not match then it is probably a counterfeit thẻ.


You must try lớn look out for the pointers and spots discussed above whenever you are offered any debit or credit thẻ. If you find any issue with these, then you must immediately inform your thẻ provider of the same and tệp tin a complaint. If any fraudulent transactions have already been made, then you can also dispute them.

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